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Wheat starch production line

The wheat starch production line is the process of making starch from wheat flour as raw material.
The complete set of wheat starch processing machine is a new type of starch complete equipment developed by Huatai Oil Machinery. Our company adopts the advanced cyclone refining production process, which has the characteristics of good separation of A and B starch, high efficiency and energy saving, no foam and high extraction rate in the process. The whole set of wheat starch equipment produced by Huatai Oil Machinery ranks first in China, and now we have complete sets of starch manufacturing equipment and advanced testing equipment.

Process flow of wheat starch production line:

Raw materials – gluten washing – slurry separation – sand removal – dejuicing – refining – dehydration – drying – packaging – storage

This process is a complete set of manual operation system, which is a commonly used and advanced complete set of wheat starch equipment in China. At the same time, our company also provide customers with an automatic control system.

List of main equipment of wheat starch processing machinery: double-spiral gluten machine (integrated machine with flour washing machine), gluten round screen, wheat starch centrifugal screen, wheat starch cyclone group, wheat starch dehydrator, wheat starch drying equipment, wheat starch packaging machine, gluten drying equipment.

Huatai advantage:

Henan Huatai Intelligent Equipment Group is the research and production enterprise of complete sets of equipment for deep processing of agricultural products. Our company is equipped with a professional technical team, customer-oriented, and designed according to the requirements of customers. The equipment can be large, small, flexible, and adaptable to multi-level market needs. We provide customers with turnkey projects, and comprehensively solve the problems of construction and production in the process.

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