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Cassava Starch Production Line

Cassava – (cleaning machine) to clean (clean rotor cage), grinding mill (hammer type crusher or file) and plasma slag separation (the pressure screen or centrifugal screen, slag slurry separation screen) – in addition to the sand (desander) – protein fiber separation (disc separator, enrichment purification unit cyclone) to dehydration (centrifuge vacuum dewatering machine), drying (low temperature and low tower dryer air collision starch) – packaging warehousing.
Huatai own advanced starch equipment production technology, can provide you with medium and large cassava starch production equipment, can undertake the general contract construction of cassava starch projects, and we can also sell related equipments, such as cassava cutting machines, cassava dryers, etc.

To process cassava into starch, the first step is to peel the cassava and then clean the cassava. The second step is to crush or grind the cassava and grind it into powder. The third step is to put the cassava flour in a large pot Then add an appropriate amount of water to soak, the fourth step is finally to soak the cassava flour and use a filter to separate and filter the cassava flour. After it settles down, the bottom powder can be extracted, and then it can be dried or dried in the sun. How to process cassava into starch 1. Clean the cassava first to prevent the finished cassava flour from being doped with impurities and affecting the quality of the finished starch. 2. The washed cassava needs to be crushed. This step requires the degree of crushing of the cassava. If the degree of crushing is not high, the taste of the finished starch will be rough. It can be cut into small pieces at home and crushed in a crusher. 3. The crushed cassava pulp needs to be dehydrated before it can be dried. If you dehydrate the cassava pulp at home, you can use the sedimentation method, put the cassava pulp in a pool or bucket, and after a period of sedimentation, remove the water above to get wet. Tapioca. 4. The wet cassava flour needs to be dried. Generally, the wet cassava flour can be dried in the sun.

Main process and equipment

Main equipment and process flow of cassava starch processing

The cassava starch process mainly includes: Remove stone—washing– steam peeling– dry brush peeling– sorting and pruning–slicing–blanching and cooling– cooking and mashing—transport—unifying materials—making flakes—scraping–packing

Main equipment:

Drum Washers, Desanders, Centrifuges, Dryers, Finished Screens, etc.

Huatai advantage

Huatai Group can undertake medium and large cassava starch production lines, and can design, develop, produce and install a full set of medium and large cassava production lines by itself.

As a powerful factory, Huatai own a strong technical team, production and installation team to solve all kinds of problems in the construction and production process for you.

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