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Corn Starch Processing Line

Corn is one of the main crops in the world and the main raw material for making starch. Corn starch can not only be eaten directly, but also an important industrial raw material, widely used in starch sugar, food processing, medicine, textile, chemical and other industries.
Huatai can provide you with medium and large corn starch production equipment, and provide a series of complete solutions for domestic and foreign customers from market research to product selection, factory design, equipment matching, installation and commissioning production and packaging design. At the same time, we sell all kinds of related machine equipment: cyclone screen, air dryer, separator, etc.

Main process and equipment:

Corn starch processing machine is the corn processing equipment, which includes soaking, cleaning and feeding equipment, crushing, multi-stage screening machine, dehydrator, dryer and a complete set of mechanical equipment. It is easy to operate.
The main production process includes: Corn cleaning – soaking – corn grating – germ separation – corn grinding – starch screening – protein separation and starch washing – centrifugation and drying.
The corn starch processing technology adopts the advanced and reliable wet production process of “first immersion, second grinding and third separation”, and energy saving and consumption reduction are the key to the whole production process. The whole corn starch production process adopts the closed-loop process, which is mature and reliable. The corn starch produced by Huatai Oil Machinery has few impurities and high quality, which is welcomed by customers.

Huatai Advantages:

Henan Huatai Intelligent Equipment Group is a modern enterprise that has been engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and technical services of starch machinery and complete sets of equipment for many years. The company’s equipment is exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the South America and other regions. It has a complete pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system to solve all kinds of problems in the construction and production process for you. We have advanced technology of starch equipment production and can undertake the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning of starch production lines of 10-500 tons per day and the transformation of old production lines. Corn starch processing machinery has become our leading product, which is very popular among customers in the agricultural mechanization market.

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