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Sweet potato starch production line


Sweet potato Prodution line adpots wet processing for starch production, do not add any additives in the whole production line. Our starch production line is a line with mature technology, advanced equipment, ressonable design.

The whole sweet potato starch production line machines includes: Feeding Machine; Washing Machine; Washing Peeler; Grinder; Dewatering Machine; Flash Dryer; Milling; Sieving Machine; Packaging Machine for Flour.

Main process and equipment

Sweet potato starch production and processing method, in accordance with the following steps: (1) raw materials pretreatment; (2) soak; (3) broken and grind; (4) sieve; (5) chute separates; (6) acid-alkali treatment and cleaning; (7) centrifugation and drying.

After the fresh sweet potatoes results, usually it is cut into sheet or thread, behind Exposure to Sunlight or firepower desiccation, makes dried sweet potato; Dried sweet potato cleans up through pre-treatment; Pre-treatment has two kinds of dry method and wet methods; Dry method is to adopt screening installation and pneumatic separator; Wet processing is with washing machine or washing beck.

Add immersion water with saturated milk of lime or 1% sig water, About 12 hours of soak time, temperature is controlled at 35-40 degree centigrade; After the immersion, the sweet potato water content is 60%.

The sweet potato after the immersion enters beater disintegrating machine with water and carries out fragmentation, passes outside the sieve aperture discharge machine; The employing twice are pulverized, the technical process of sieving in the shunting; Be that potato xeromenia first is pulverized, sieve that then through the second pulverization process, row sieves again; simultaneously the input of harmonious material device control dried sweet potato, balanced powder is starched, and avoids the overload phenomenon of pulverizer.

Dried sweet potato is stuck with paste and weighing liquid through the Ipomoea batatas that obtains after pulverizing, and feed liquid is sieved, and isolates bits.

The starch through after the fine screen processing, adopt the chute isolated protein.

In cleaning the starch process, also will pass through starch alkali, acid treatment; Starch alkali, acid treatment and cleaning all are to carry out in the cement pit of whipping appts, and agitator speed is about 60 rev/mins; By the starch milk that chute comes, first through alkaline purification, remove alkali-soluble protein matter and pectin in the starch.

The starch that obtains after the cleaning drops to below 45% the starch moisture content first through the separating centrifuge processed; The starch drying can adopt air stream drying.
Sweet potato starch production and processing method of the present invention adopts the input of harmonious material device control dried sweet potato, and balanced powder is starched, and avoids the overload phenomenon of pulverizer, also is beneficial to chute and separates, and its equipment is built easily, uses less steel, saves kinetic energy, operates also more stable.

Huatai advantage

Huatai Group can undertake medium and large scale sweet potato starch production lines, and can design, develop, produce and install a full set of medium and large sweet production lines.
We possess core technology, perfect products and services. Huatai keeps “quality first” as our core thoughts, supply perfect solution service, after sales service as our highest goal.

1.One sweet potato production line can transfer cassava, potato and sweet potato to starch directly. It can save a lot of cost.
2.Low energy consumption, high capacity, fine particles, easy installation, stable operation and friendly maintenance.
3.All stainless steel 304 cover meets high standard.
4.After-sales Service Provided to service machinery overseas for one year.
5. Air Flow Dryer Assembly is latest invention patented product. The used the special hydro-mechanics characteristic. It improves the dry strength, the effect of head transfer, the head transfer coefficient of the gas and solid, and the volume. At present it is the first choice for drying high moisture and bulk material.

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