The 50 bags/time large gluten machine reduces the equipment and floor space. Its structure is two screw shafts and double-headed spiral leaves. Compared with the 20 bags/time gluten machine, the pitch is the same, and the lead is increased by one pitch. Under the condition that the mixing effect of the batter is the same, but the flow rate increases, its effect should be better than the latter.
Sift the crushed gluten.
Gravity curved sieve is adopted, and the wedge-shaped sieve surface is replaced by a mesh sieve surface with an appropriate mesh number, so that the permeability rate is increased several times. The broken gluten slides down from the sieve surface by its own gravity. Because there is no external pressure, the broken gluten is not easy to penetrate. The sieving surface is mixed into the pulp, which can reduce the clogging of the fine sieve and increase the efficiency of the fine sieve.
The traditional process is to use a horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge. Because of its low separation factor, the B starch is discharged with the gluten liquid, separated and concentrated by a disc separator to obtain B starch, and the bottom flow of the horizontal screw is washed with water to obtain A starch.
The dehydration of starch milk generally uses three-legged centrifuges and horizontal scraper centrifuges. Due to the high energy consumption and high annual maintenance costs of scraper centrifuges, vacuum filters have been used in recent years. Because the solid and dense filter cake after dehydration of wheat starch high degree.
Composition of complete sets of wheat starch equipment
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