​​Wheat Starch
Wheat Starch Process
Wheat starch is extracted from wheat, that is, the wheat is soaked in water, ground, and then subjected to acid fermentation, so that the cells surrounding the starch granules are dissolved and the starch is easy to separate.
Process of Wheat Starch
(1) Dough making: flour is mixed with an appropriate proportion of water to make dough. After remaining in the dough trough for the set time, the dough enters the water drum.
(2) Adding water to the dough: the dough is stirred and washed by the roller blades under the action of sufficient water through the blades; the purpose of this step is to wash off the starch in the dough.
(3) Screening of gluten: the mixture enters the plate from the last step. Gluten and starch are separated here.
(4) Gluten drying: The gluten on the screen sieve is washed, dehydrated, dried and finally crushed to form a final product gluten powder.
(5) Separation of A starch and B starch: After the mixture under the flat sieve enters the centrifugal conical sieve to remove fibers, they enter the nozzle separator to separate A starch milk and B starch milk.
(6) A starch refining: A starch milk is further concentrated in a cyclone, dehydrated and dried to form a final product A starch.
(7) B starch refining: B starch milk is concentrated through the nozzle separator and decanter respectively, and dried in a gas dryer to form the final product B starch.
(8) Fiber processing: The fiber comes from a centrifugal cone screen for concentration, dehydration and drying to form a final product animal food.
Application range of wheat starch
Wheat starch is mainly used in food thickeners, gelling agents, binders, or stabilizers, starch sugar, etc. Huatai Starch Processing Machine supply different starch production machinery, any need please email to [email protected]