The main equipment of wheat starch machinery includes: double-helix gluten machine (integrated flour washing machine), gluten round sieve, wheat starch centrifugal sieve, wheat starch swirl group, wheat starch dehydrator, wheat starch drying equipment, wheat starch packaging machine, gluten drying equipment.
Introduction of wheat starch processing equipment
1. Make the dough:
Add flour and water in proportion, mix thoroughly with a large gluten machine, and knead the flour into a dough. Then leave it to make the gluten swell and stick to each other, so that the starch is easy to separate.
2. Sieve crushed gluten:
Using the gravity arc screen and suitable screen surface, the crushed gluten will slide down from the screen surface under its own gravity. Because there is no external pressure, the crushed gluten is not easy to mix into the slurry through the screen surface, which can reduce the clogging of the fine screen and improve the efficiency of the fine screen.
3. Separation, concentration and fine washing of coarse pulp:
The traditional process is to use a horizontal screw centrifuge. Due to its low separation coefficient, B-starch is discharged together with the gluten liquid, separated by a disc separator, and concentrated to obtain B-starch. The decanter underflow was washed with water to obtain A-starch.
4. Dehydration of starch slurry:
The dehydration of starch milk usually uses a three-leg centrifuge and a horizontal scraper centrifuge. Due to the high energy consumption and high annual maintenance costs of scraper centrifuges, vacuum filters have been used in recent years. Due to the hardness of the filter cake after dehydration of wheat starch, its production efficiency is lower than other types of starch. After both parties have demonstrated and discussed, determine their equipment selection.
5. Starch drying:
Due to the high density and hardness of wheat starch dehydrated filter cake, it is not suitable to use negative pressure drying equipment. We use air impingement dryers. The notable features of this drying equipment are high drying strength, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, and the height of the whole machine is reduced by 50%.

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