It is based on wheat flour as raw material, in a blender has 50 ~ 80% of water, with 40 R/M speed makes kneading flour into the dough. Mixing time about 30 minutes,place for 30 minutes, make gluten swelling but bond with each other, easy separation of starch. If add appropriate salt, can improve gluten quality, and promote its binding. In case of much free acid flour, add the right amount of calcium hydroxide to adjust the pH value. After dough temporary leave, with 5 ~ 8 times of water to wash, 3 ~ 4 times of washing.The lactescence of washing is starch milk, require refined purification, and the rest is gluten, Moisture content is 65 ~ 70%. After drying, the protein content is about 75-85%, edible or as a feedstock for manufacturing oil gluten. This is a part of wheat starch processing machine.

Arce katyn method of wheat starch processing machine

In recent years, with wheat as raw material to produce starch is called Arce katyn method. This production principle is the same with corn starch production process. That means put water content of 14%, crude protein content of about 14% of the soft wheat, soaking water of 39 ℃ temperature with containing 0.2% of sulfur dioxide , soaking for 12 hours, the water absorption increased to 55%. Other operation method is the same as corn processing. Final product crude protein content in the starch under 0.4%, recovery rate up to 83%.Wheat starch processing machine will give you the biggest benefit.

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