Take a potato starch production line with a processing capacity of 20 tons/day as an example
Raw materials to be processed: potatoes, the market price is 1,000 yuan/ton (prices fluctuate in different regions)
Final product: potato starch, the market price is 8,500 yuan/ton (4 tons of potato raw materials can produce 1 ton of potato starch)
Electricity fee: 100 kilowatt hours * 2 yuan / kilowatt hour = 200 yuan
Water fee: 6 square meters*5 yuan/square meter=30 yuan
Labor cost: 150 yuan
Daily income = 5 tons * 8,500 yuan/ton = 42,500 yuan
Daily cost = 20 tons * 1,000 yuan/ton + 200 yuan + 30 yuan + 150 yuan = 20,380 yuan
Profit = daily income – daily cost = 42,500 yuan – 20,380 yuan = 22,120 yuan
It should be noted that due to different market conditions in different places, different potato quality, and different water and electricity costs, the final profit income may be slightly different, but in general, the profit of opening a potato starch processing factory is very considerable.
my country is one of the major consumers of potato starch. As market demand becomes increasingly strong, the consumption of potato starch in my country is also gradually increasing. However, most potato starch processing plants are currently small in scale, with low production levels, and lack advantages in international market competition. Overall, my country’s potato starch industry still has a lot of room for improvement. In addition, potato starch is widely used in food, feed, chemical industry, adhesives, papermaking, textile and other fields due to its fine texture, sufficient viscosity, good film-forming properties, high swelling degree and strong water absorption capacity. Therefore, processed potato starch is very popular and can be called a “non-loss-making stock”.

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