The production process of a starch factory generally includes raw material cleaning, crushing, soaking, separation, dehydration, drying and other links. The specific production process varies with the type of starch produced by the starch factory.
The raw materials of starch factories are mainly agricultural products such as corn, potatoes, wheat, and rice, among which corn is the main raw material, accounting for about 80% of starch production. Other ingredients include potatoes, barley, oats, and other starchy roots.
The investment cost of a starch factory varies depending on factors such as region, scale, and equipment. Generally, a project budget is required to ensure that the funds in hand can meet the needs of construction and production. If you want to know more about the investment cost of starch plant,
Many factors need to be considered when investing in a starch factory, such as raw materials, regional climate, investment environment and so on. When it is suitable to start a starch factory, it is first necessary to invite professional people in the industry to make a project budget to ensure that the funds in hand can meet the needs of construction and production. After the project is established, carry out some administrative work such as industry and commerce, environmental protection, taxation, urban construction, food production and safety production, and at the same time carry out publicity and mobilization such as raw material planting and procurement; then invite professionals to design, purchase, install and debug the production line; and then Basically, it is some management in production.

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