The production of corn starch is mainly to refine and process corn endosperm. The method is as follows: 1. Clean up the raw materials, and use winnowing and screening to remove impurities from the corn endosperm raw materials after embryo extraction.
2. Soaking and grinding. Corn kernels have low moisture content, hard texture, and are not easy to grind. Soaking must be done. The soaking time varies with the water temperature. In summer, the temperature is high, and the time can be shortened. Generally, it takes 1-3 days. Soak until the kernels are completely Until it is absorbed, the water should be changed 1-2 times during the soaking process, or 0.25% sulfur dioxide should be added for disinfection and sterilization. If the raw material has not been extracted, it should be crushed twice. For the germ, use a sieve to remove the residue and then grind it again. If the raw material has been degermed, it can be ground directly with a horizontal or vertical grinding disc. Generally, it should be ground twice.
3. Sieve and rinse, use a coarse sieve to remove the coarse slag from the grated paste, then pour it into the acid slurry to separate the fine slag, then use a fine sieve to sieve the fine slag to obtain starch milk, use Rinse the sieved powder residue with clean water, and then use the obtained thin starch milk instead of clean water to wash the first-screened paste, so as to obtain thicker starch milk.
4. Separation of starch can be separated by powder slurry method. Physalis is fermented by natural lactic acid bacteria in the slurry to increase its acidity. The pH is about 3.5×10-6. In continuous processing, the acid produced by natural fermentation is used The green liquid after slurry precipitation can become sour after 8-24 hours in the water tank. Add an appropriate amount of acid slurry into the starch milk. After stirring for half an hour, the starch precipitates, and the protein, fiber, and other impurities Suspend on the starch layer, remove the upper suspension, add water to stir, and then precipitate to obtain refined corn starch.
5. Drying, the wet cornstarch is air-dried or dried, and the moisture content is reduced to below 13%, which is a qualified finished product.

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