The process of processing sweet potato starch without precipitation is divided into sweet potato cleaning, crushing and refining, pulp and residue separation, fine basket, sand removal, concentration and dehydration.
1. Cleaning sweet potatoes
1. Choose fresh sweet potatoes that are free of rot and mildew, and remove mud, rocks and sweet potato vines.
2. Clean the sweet potatoes through a cage cleaning machine, soak them first, then scrub them with a wire brush during the soaking process, and convey and load the materials while cleaning.
2. Crush sweet potatoes
The sweet potato raw materials enter the crusher, and the high-speed rotating thorn cylinder is used to crush the sweet potatoes into residue.
3. Separation of potato residue and slurry
Under the flushing of water flow, the potato residue and slurry enter the separation cylinder for separation of slurry and residue.
4. Fine residue filtration
Equipped with a 200-mesh cloth, the slurry is filtered twice to separate finer powder residue. 5. Remove sediment.
The cyclone desander is used to remove the sediment in the slurry; the desander is a cone-shaped upper cylinder and a lower part. The filtered starch slurry enters the cyclone in a tangential direction under a certain pressure, and the sediment with a large specific gravity is collected. When the centrifugal force acts, it settles down and is discharged by opening the valve regularly. The starch slurry with a small specific gravity is discharged from the upper overflow pipe.
6. Serum concentration
Pulverize and add a large amount of water to rinse and the starch contains oil powder, and separate it through a centrifuge.
7. Starch dehydration
Use a vacuum dehydrator to remove the moisture from the slurry until it is 70 to 80% dry, and then dry it for a while before packing it into bags.

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