Only the equipment that is suitable for oneself is truly a good product. In the process of cassava starch processing, starch extraction is a key step directly related to the user’s economic benefits. With a high starch extraction rate, good economic returns can be obtained. Therefore, starch extraction equipment should be chosen rationally.
The process of cassava starch processing
The process of cassava starch processing is roughly: multi-stage cleaning-crushing and filtering-sand and mud removal–concentration and refining-dehydration-drying-cooling and packaging.
Crushing and filtering is an important link affecting the yield of starch and also has a certain influence on the quality of starch. In this processing process, energy consumption and water consumption are relatively large, so the quality of the potato grinder directly affects the efficiency of starch processing.
Huatai has a variety of different types of starch extraction equipment, such as the star product-curve network extrusion type powder making machine, and the economical and practical-overflow washing type potato powder making machine. There are various professional potato grinders, different models and specifications, different processing methods, flexible choices, and convenient for customers to choose freely according to their own processing conditions and expected investment amount! Any need please email to [email protected]