Corn starch is an important raw material for chemical food, the maize production method  as follows
1. Selection of materials for making corn starch
It is required to use corn that is clean, free of miscellaneous grains, not moldy, and generally with a water content of no more than 14%.
2. Screening method of corn starch
The corn enters the vibrating screen through the elevator. The vibrating sieve has three layers of screen holes, the first layer of mesh is 20 mm, the second layer is 10 mm, and the third layer is 5 mm. The corn is screened through three layers to remove dust and impurities, and the purity is generally not less than 98.5%.
3. Soaking method of cornstarch
The screened corn is cleaned once, and then enters the big tank through the elevator. Add water to the tank and soak for 72 hours. Properly add some sodium sulfite during soaking to promote corn softening.
4. Extraction of embryos made of corn starch
The corn soaked in a large tank has been softened, and it is transported into a vertical mill by an elevator for crushing and germ extraction. The vertical mill can crush the corn to separate the corn germ (corn navel) from the endosperm, thereby extracting the corn germ. The broken corn enters the horizontal mill.
The raised corn germ enters the frying machine through the elevator to fry the corn oil.
5. Horizontal grinding of corn starch
The corn after embryo extraction is sent to the horizontal mill through the elevator for the second crushing, and the corn is ground into a slurry. The ground slurry enters the flow plate for sedimentation. After 4 hours of precipitation, cornstarch was formed.
6. Drying method of corn starch
The starch is dried using a scraper dryer. Generally, after 4 hours of processing, qualified products can be produced.
Quality requirements for finished products: Ash powder content shall not exceed 0.1%. It must not exceed 0.15% fat, 2% speckle, 0.5% protein, and 20% acidity.
7. The bagging method of cornstarch
The finished starch produced should be bagged in time. Generally, manual bagging is used, and each bag is 25 kg standard. Henan Huatai starch machinery supply different kinds of starch processing machine, any need please email to [email protected]