Put an appropriate amount of sweet potatoes into the machine that has been connected to the power supply and filled with water. How to process sweet potato starch is actually very simple. It is very important to master the method. Clean the sweet potatoes first.
The cleaned sweet potatoes will automatically enter the process of separating the pulp and slag. Nowadays, the starch pulp is usually separated by machine, which has changed the phenomenon of poor luster and darkening of the starch caused by oxidation during the manual production of starch; The powder slag is filamentous under the microscope, which is conducive to the release of starch from the fiber, thus further improving the extraction rate of starch. Sweet potato starch processing How to process sweet potato starch, pay attention to the amount of water in the process of starch separation, generally one ton of raw materials needs two tons of water.
After the starch is separated, it is generally 90 mesh. If finer starch is needed, we usually pass it on one side for two minutes. The starch after two minutes is generally 120 mesh. This kind of starch can be directly processed into vermicelli. How to process sweet potato starch For processing sweet potato starch, the starch slurry from the Erluo machine can be directly precipitated.
After settling for 8 hours, pump out the water above the starch pool, take out the starch and put it on the drying net, and hang it directly on the pole to dry. The dried starch is very hard and needs to be broken before it can be eaten normally.

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