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Dry screening: It adopts a multiple internal thread structure design to push the materials forward and remove impurities such as soil, sand, small stones, and weeds attached to the sweet potato raw materials.
Squirrel cage drum cleaning machine: It adopts the principle of counter-current washing. The water level difference between the material and the cleaning tank forms a reverse movement. The cleaning effect is good and it can effectively remove mud, sand and other impurities in the sweet potato raw materials. Slicing machine: The blade adopts a special processing technology to pre-crush the sweet potato raw materials at high speed to break the sweet potatoes into sweet potato pieces.
Rasp mill: The two-way filing method is used to further crush the sweet potato pieces. The material grinding coefficient is high, the bound starch free rate is high, and the raw material crushing rate is high. Centrifugal screen: Equipped with automatically controlled front and back flush systems, it uses the gravity of the sweet potato starch slurry and low centrifugal force to screen the crushed sweet potato starch slurry, thereby achieving the separation effect of starch and fiber. 4. Purification equipment
Cyclone group: used to remove small fibers, proteins and cell fluids in the sweet potato starch milk, and to concentrate, refine and wash the sweet potato starch milk. Generally speaking, a 12-stage cyclone group can meet the sweet potato starch processing needs of most customers. For large-scale high-precision sweet potato starch processing needs, a 14-stage cyclone group can be equipped.
5. Dehydration and drying equipment
Vacuum dehydrator: The part of this equipment in contact with the sweet potato starch material is made of 304 stainless steel. It has good starch dehydration effect, stable moisture content of wet starch, realizes automatic unloading, and reduces labor intensity.
Air flow dryer: Using a negative pressure drying system and a dedicated material cooling system, the heat exchange efficiency is high and the instant drying of sweet potato starch can be achieved. The finished sweet potato starch dried by the airflow dryer has a uniform moisture content and can effectively control the loss of starch material. The large-scale sweet potato starch processing equipment produced by Henan Huatai Starch Machinery Company has high working performance, high starch extraction rate, high quality and low price. Our technical team can provide equipment customization, equipment installation guidance, equipment debugging, factory design and upgrades, factory visits and other services according to customer needs. Feel free to contact us at any time to build your own starch factory business to obtain higher value returns.

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