Henan Huatai sweet potato starch production line adopts the wet processing technology of starch production without adding any additives. The entire process has mature technology, superior equipment performance, scientific configuration and reasonable technology. The starch production process is designed according to six sections: cleaning – crushing → screening → concentration and refining – dehydration → drying. In particular, the crushing and screening section adopts curved mesh extrusion flour mill. Through a unique process of multi-stage crushing, multi-stage filtration, and multi-stage extrusion, it has low energy consumption and starch reduction. The advantages of high extraction rate and good starch quality improve the production efficiency of the production line and the starch extraction rate.
In the cleaning section, the quantitative cleaning machine uses the central shaft to drive the rotation of the auger to transport the potato pieces upward in the axial direction, and the cleaning effect is achieved by the friction between the potato pieces and between the potato pieces and the auger. The inclined squirrel cage cleaning machine and funnel-type loading reduce the difficulty of manual loading, making loading more convenient and easier, and reducing physical labor. The extraction and refining section adopts the process of multi-stage crushing, multi-stage elutriation, multi-stage filtration, and multi-stage extrusion in sequence, which overcomes the shortcomings of simple elutriation and filtration without squeezing and cannot completely extract starch, and greatly improves efficiency. Starch extraction rate. Starch is non-oxidized, white and delicate. When used in the production of vermicelli, vermicelli and other powder products, the toughness is enhanced and the color is white. Fine filter/desander, desander starch and vermicelli processing equipment are used together, and can be used to produce refined white starch and Sand removal, decolorization and residue removal of raw starch are indispensable equipment for producing high-quality starch and vermicelli.
Filter hexagonal microfiltration machine is suitable for separating the tiny suspended substances existing in the liquid to the maximum extent to achieve the purpose of solid and liquid phase separation. Air flow dryer, 1. The entire system adopts automatic control. By controlling the feed The difference between moisture and temperature is measured, and the feed amount and air intake amount are automatically adjusted to ensure the stability of the product moisture; 2. High thermal efficiency, short drying time, large processing capacity, air flow drying adopts gas-solid two-phase co-current operation; 3 , the use of variable diameter turbulent flow technology improves the performance of the equipment and ensures the quality of starch; 4. The air flow dryer has a simple, compact structure, small volume, large production capacity, and low investment and maintenance costs; 5. Easy to operate, in the air flow In the drying system, unit processes such as drying, crushing, screening, and conveying are operated together. Henan Huatai supply advanced sweet starch processing machine, any need please email to [email protected]