There are two common processes for sweet potato starch production equipment, one is the cyclone type and the other is the sedimentation tank type. The degree of automation is the main factor affecting the investment price of equipment. The manufacturing process of sweet potato starch processing equipment in sedimentation tank: cleaning and feeding—crushing and beating–slurry separation—settlement in sedimentation tank—dehydration–drying in hanging bag—natural drying. Cyclone sweet potato starch processing equipment process flow: fresh potatoes (screw conveyor) → cleaning (cleaning machine) → crushing (pulverizer) → pulp and residue separation (pressure curved screen or centrifugal screen, horizontal screen) → powder water → sand removal (Desander) → Secondary filtration (refined pulp refiner) → Precipitation treatment → Dehydration (centrifuge or vacuum dehydrator) → Drying (air flow dryer), the whole process from fresh sweet potatoes to dry starch is only It takes 40 minutes.
Advantages of sweet potato starch production equipment
Henan Huatai starch processing equipment is widely used in the extraction, processing and production of starch such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, plantains, cassava, kudzu, and lotus roots. It has sophisticated technology, compact layout, small footprint, few employees, low labor intensity, and high degree of automation. It can realize one-stop production from potato washing to sweet potato starch drying. The specific features are as follows:
1. Excellent workmanship, beautiful appearance and compact layout;
2. Small footprint;
3. Few people employed, low labor intensity, high degree of automation, one-stop production from potato washing to drying;
4. High purification rate: squirrel cage cleaning is used to effectively ensure that the potato pieces are not damaged and the starch is not lost;
5. The starch is of high quality and meets food standards (four-stage sand removal, secondary filtration, and secondary purification);
6. Applicable to: potato, sweet potato, plantain taro, cassava, kudzu, lotus root and other starch production;
7. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

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