Sweet potato starch production equipment is a combination of starch extraction equipment that replaces traditional manual work, uses mechanized means to improve production efficiency, and processes sweet potatoes to produce starch.
Deeply process sweet potatoes and extract starch from sweet potatoes. Starch can not only be made into vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli, and convenient bowls of vermicelli, but can also be used in sugar, wine, alcohol, medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries. Now in the food market With the continuous expansion of the uses of starch, its uses are becoming more and more extensive, and its dosage is also increasing. The deep processing of sweet potatoes has the advantages of low investment, low risk, large demand, high profits, and can be extended to the industrial chain. This makes sweet potatoes even more popular. The prospects for starch production are becoming more and more broad, and more and more users are interested in investing in sweet potato deep processing.
Henan Huatai starch production There are two common processes for sweet potato starch production equipment, one is the cyclone type and the other is the sedimentation tank type. The degree of automation is the main factor affecting the investment price of equipment. The manufacturing process of sweet potato starch processing equipment in sedimentation tank: cleaning and feeding—crushing and beating–slurry separation—settlement in sedimentation tank—dehydration–drying in hanging bag—natural drying. Cyclone sweet potato starch processing equipment process flow: fresh potatoes (screw conveyor) → cleaning (cleaning machine) → crushing (pulverizer) → pulp and residue separation (pressure curved screen or centrifugal screen, horizontal screen) → powder water → sand removal (Desander) → Secondary filtration (refined pulp refiner) → Precipitation treatment → Dehydration (centrifuge or vacuum dehydrator) → Drying (air flow dryer), the whole process from fresh sweet potatoes to dry starch is only It takes 40 minutes.

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