The main process of making sweet potato starch is sweet potato processing, beating, filtering, sedimentation, drying and packaging.
First, the processing of sweet potatoes. Harvested sweet potatoes have a lot of dirt and impurities on the surface. Before beating sweet potatoes, be sure to clean them carefully. Otherwise, it will be mixed with starch, which will affect the quality and make it inedible. When cleaning sweet potatoes, rinse them with clean water several times to wash away the dirt and impurities on the skin.
Second, the beating of sweet potatoes. Sweet potato beating can be done by traditional stone grinding method to grind sweet potato into a paste; now all mechanized beating is fast, efficient and high in flour yield.
Third, the sweet potato slurry is filtered. The beaten paste is filtered through a fine sieve to remove unbroken potato residues. In order to improve the flour extraction rate of sweet potatoes, the potato dregs filtered by pulp are beaten again, which can generally increase the flour extraction rate by 5%. The filtered sweet potato pulp goes to the next process. Fourth, the slurry of sweet potatoes settles. After the filtered sweet potato pulp is still for 3 to 5 hours, drain the turbid water in the upper layer of the sediment, re-inject the clear water, stir again, and then stand still for about 5 hours. Rinse repeatedly in this way. The more times of rinsing, the higher the starch quality.
Fifth, the starch of the sweet potato is dried in the sun. After several times of rinsing, drain the rinsing water, take out the starch and dry it in the sun to remove the water. Sixth, the starch packaging of sweet potatoes. The dried block starch becomes salable starch after mechanical crushing. It can be stored or sold in packaging bags.

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