With the over-exploitation and utilization of petrochemical resources, their storage volume is decreasing year by year. At the same time, the large-scale use of disposable non-degradable plastic products has caused a great negative impact on the soil and the environment. The urgent need to develop and promote environmentally friendly biodegradable materials is to alleviate the current environmental pressure.

Starch is the most promising biodegradable material. Starch agricultural and sideline products have a wide range of sources, high yield and low cost. Rational utilization can replace traditional petroleum energy. However, when the starch is subjected to heat and force at the same time, the fluidity is extremely poor, and the processing and molding are difficult, which limits its application.

By preparing thermoplastic starch, the melting temperature of starch is reduced, the thermal processing of starch is realized, and starch is blended with other biodegradable materials with excellent properties, which improves its processing and performance, and makes starch-based plastics used in more field applications, while maintaining its green degradable properties.