Starch sugar is an important field of deep processing of raw starch, and is an important raw material for industries such as medicine, food, and fermentation. Starch sugar is the fastest growing sweetener in the world for more than 30 years. The annual output of starch sugar in the United States has exceeded 8 million tons, accounting for more than 60% of the total sugar consumption. Sugar consumption in the European Union and Japan is also dominated by starch sugar. There are many varieties of starch sugar, including crystallized glucose used in clinical medicine, liquid glucose used in candy processing, fructose, the best sweetener used in beverages, and oligosaccharides with health functions, etc. At present, the market prospect of oligosaccharides is the best.
Oligosaccharides are the general term for some indigestible sugars. Unlike sucrose, oligosaccharides are not degraded by human gastric acid and warm enzymes, so they are not absorbed in the small intestine, but can be directly absorbed in the large intestine. Oligosaccharides do not cause teething. Oligosaccharides also have the physiological function of promoting the proliferation of bifidobacteria in humans. Because of these excellent properties, oligosaccharides have been widely used as functional foods or functional ingredients in many countries in recent years in health food, functional drinks, medicine, feed, etc.

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