Selection of starch raw materials
The raw materials for starch production mainly include cereals, beans, potatoes, cassava, etc. Among them, cereal starch is the most common source of starch, mainly including corn, wheat and rice. In starch production, corn starch is the most widely used.
2. Gelatinization
Gelatinization is the process of destroying starch granules in a high temperature and high pressure test tube. It is an important step in the starch production process, which can make starch easier to hydrolyze and increase the hydrolysis speed and yield of starch. At present, in industrial production, gelatinization methods such as steam, acid, and alkali are generally used.
3. Enzymatic production
Enzymatic production is a major method of starch production, and its advantage lies in its ability to produce high-quality starch from low-quality raw materials. First, the raw materials are gelatinized under high temperature and high pressure, then amylase is used to hydrolyze the starch granules into a paste, and finally the starch product is obtained through extraction and drying processes.
4. Acid production
Acid production is a method that uses acid to gelatinize starch. This method is simple and easy to implement and is widely used in industry. Starch of a certain quality can be obtained through acid production, but this method has certain problems in environmental protection, because acid production will produce a large amount of acidic sewage, which will put great pressure on the environment.
5. Environmental issues and future development trends
Starch production causes serious environmental pollution, especially the acid production method. In future starch production, more environmentally friendly gelatinization methods and efficient resource utilization methods should be adopted. Some new production technologies, such as microbial fermentation and other methods, have been adopted by more and more companies and have good environmental and economic benefits.
In short, starch production is a very important industrial activity and plays an important role in ensuring human food and industrial needs. In the future starch production process, we should pay attention to the importance of environmental protection, energy conservation and resource utilization, and choose more sustainable production methods.

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