Application of modified starch in food
1. In rice and flour products, modified starch is mainly used for its good thickening, film-forming, stability and gelatinization properties. The main modified starches used are esterified starch and hydroxypropyl starch.
1) Fried instant noodles added with modified starch have a crispy structure and low oil absorption, and the product quality and storage stability are better.
2) In instant noodles, it can improve the rehydration, chewiness and elasticity of noodles and reduce cooking time.
3) Adding modified starch to pasta snacks can reduce oil absorption, improve the crispiness of pasta, and extend the storage time of the products.
4) As a tissue forming agent and adhesive in rice flour production, it can increase the transparency and smoothness of the product, reduce the stickiness and improve the taste.
2. In baked products, modified starch is mainly used for its good film-forming properties, high temperature expansion and stability.
1) Used as a ghee substitute in cake and icing production to provide good capacity and structure and reduce the body’s fat intake.
2) Used as a glaze agent in baked goods to form a good, clear and bright film, replacing expensive protein and natural gum.
3) Used as a stabilizer and thickener in fruit cakes, pies, and fillings to provide products with a smooth, short-filament structure and prevent delamination and filling explosion.
In the application of frozen foods, modified starch mainly plays the role of thickening, improving texture, anti-aging and improving sensory quality in most frozen foods. The application in snack foods mainly utilizes the good cohesion, swelling, brittleness and fluffy structure of modified starch. Commonly used modified starches include pregelatinized starch, etherified starch and compound modified starch.

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