Starch Process design
Gluten and starch separation section
Separation of starch from protein before the formation of gluten ensures maxium gluten activity, allowing it to better absorb water but not fat and reduces water consumption, A custom designed automatic control system gluarantees reliability and efficiency, huatai gluten starch separation solution has a capacity ranging from 8tph flour to 20tph of flour.
Gluten dewatering and drying section
Huatai gluten dewatering and drying solution is efficient, reliable, and cost-effective with a high water absorption rate and custom-designed automatic control system, guaranteeing consistent quality,color and fineness.
Huatai provides gluten starch separation and dewatering, drying, milling, and batch engineering service with a capacity ranging from 1-2tph.
Starch dewatering and drying section
Huatai wheat starch dewatering drying milling and batch line is efficient, reliable and cost effective with a custom designed automatic control system, guaranteeing consistent quality color and fineness.
Huatai Machinery provides optimal palm oil mill plant layout and design for all palm oil mills or factories, from small-scale to large-scale. What’s more, you can also find palm oil complete machines and refinery machinery in our company to fulfill your business ambitions. If you are interested to know more about factory layout for palm oil industry, please feel free to contact us any time. Below is our contact details.
Provide complete sets of wheat starch processing equipment with a capacity ranging from 10-100tpd and a complete wheat processing line with different capacity.
Provide first class wheat starch engineering services, custom design and installation and after sales technical support based on our professional experience.
Incorporate advanced automatic control systems for a highly reliable production line.
Meticulous 3D design creates accurate and clear representation of each detail.