Starch is widely used in life, especially when processing meat, wrapping it in advance can keep it tender and juicy after cooking. The large demand for starch has led many manufacturers to choose to invest in starch production, so the choice of production equipment will play an important role in how to stand out among the many starch manufacturers. So what are the advantages of starch equipment?
1. Reduce labor cost input
After the starch equipment is set up, only a small number of operators are required to check the product processing at the junction of each process, and there is no need for a large number of personnel to clean and crush potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., with a high degree of automation. Under the current situation of rising labor costs, this will undoubtedly reduce the operating burden of enterprises and provide the possibility for enterprises to improve profits and market competitiveness.
2. The starch produced is of good quality
To a large extent, starch quality is directly proportional to price. The starch production line adopts one-stop production of cleaning, crushing and drying, which can reduce the damage of potato pieces, improve the purification rate and make the produced starch more hygienic, because it reduces the contact of personnel. On the other hand, starch equipment will perform multiple sand removal operations on sweet potatoes, etc., which can also effectively avoid the residue of impurities in starch.
3. Small footprint
Although the starch production line includes sand remover, washing machine, centrifugal screen and other equipment, it is smaller than the traditional equipment occupied by operators. The compact layout is also conducive to reducing the cost of renting workshops. Cost. And if the company changes the production site, it will be more convenient to relocate the production line.
To sum up, choosing starch equipment for starch production has many advantages, including reducing labor cost input, better quality of starch produced, and small equipment footprint. Of course, the equipment is composed of many machines, and enterprises can also customize equipment according to their own needs. For example, they can only be equipped with vacuum dehydrators, dryers, and controllers to further reduce cost investment and floor space.

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