Starch drying process
The refined starch milk contains very few ingredients other than starch and is a finished product after dehydration, drying, screening and packaging.

1. Starch drying process indicators

1) Motor feed current<60A

2) Motor dehydration current <30A

3) Motor discharge current<100A

4) Wet starch contains 36~38% water

5) The protein content of starch is ≤0.4~0.5%

6) Overflow slurry concentration 2.5~3.5Bé

7) Dry starch moisture content ≤13~14%

8) 100 mesh screen object ≤ 0.5%

9) Steam pressure 0.45~0.65Mpa

10) Hot air temperature 130~150℃

11) Heating temperature 50~60℃

12) Dry starch temperature<40℃

2. Operating procedures

1) Start the dehydration centrifuge and start feeding and dehydrating it after it runs normally.

2) Turn on the steam and start the airflow drying fan. After normal operation, wait until the dewatering centrifuge has finished dewatering and unload the material. Start drying. Adjust the unloading speed until the moisture content of the dry starch is 13-14%.

3) Weigh and pack.

3. Things to note

1) The unloading pipe should be filled with clean materials every time to prevent clogging.

2) The high-level bucket should be stirred continuously, and should be emptied and washed every time it is parked for use.

3) When it is found that the filter cloth is leaking or the machine amplitude is greater than 1.5mm, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

4) When the dehydrator is not completely stopped, do not open the door cover or put anything into the discharge port.

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