1. Full sealing production process in our manufacturer cassava flour processing plant, high efficiency and cassava flour safety and high quality, equipped with advanced design technology form EU.
2. Water and energy saving a lot, save the investment for you, the don’t worry about the price of cassava flour processing plant is illogical.
3. Automatic continuous processing, keep the capacity and quality.
4. Huatai Company own national patent technique of cassava flour processing and unique research and development team, perfect service for you.
About how to starch a cassava processing plant, Huatai Company can answer for you, To start a cassava processing plant, First of all, the selection of the site about cassava processing plant proposal should meet the requirements of the overall planning of the region, have good engineering geological conditions, and maintain a certain degree of health protection distance from urban planning residential areas and public facilities.
Secondly, site selection should take into account the possibility of prospective development, whether it has the possibility and space for expansion, and whether there are convenient transportation and hydropower conditions, in line with current environmental regulations.
When you decided your cassava processing methods, you should consider your budget, factory site selection, then determine your cassava processing direction(starch, flour, garry, dry chips), and you can choose the suitable cassava processing machines ,Huatai Company processional in cassava processing plant design and installation, mainly serviced for cassava starch processing, cassava flour processing, garri and dry chips processing machine. Any need please email to [email protected]