Cassava starch is mainly used as raw material in industrial sectors such as food, sugar, medicine, feed, textile, papermaking, and chemical industries.
The production process of cassava starch is a physical separation process, which is to separate the starch in the cassava raw material from other substances such as cellulose, white, and inorganic substances. During the production process, root starch is insoluble in cold water and has a specific gravity greater than water. Use water and special mechanical equipment to separate the starch from the water suspension, thereby achieving the purpose of recovering starch. The production process is divided into transportation, cleaning, crushing, dipping, screening, bleaching, sand removal, separation, dehydration, dry bathing, air cooling, packaging and other processes.
Processing cassava into starch requires six steps: cleaning, crushing, filtering, purification, dehydration, and drying. The cassava starch processing equipment used includes dry screens, blade cleaning machines, centrifugal screens, fine residue screens, cyclone groups, and scrapers. Centrifuge, air dryer.
2. Raw materials
The raw materials of cassava starch include fresh cassava and dried cassava chips. They are the main materials in production. Quality must be ensured. Fresh cassava is required to be fresh, purchased on the same day, entered into the factory on the same day, and processed on the same day. It must be free of mud, sand, roots, fibers, woody parts and Other impurities are mixed in; dried cassava chips must be dry, mold-free, non-deteriorating, and free from insects.

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