Starch sugar refers to the sugars produced by acid method, acid enzyme method or enzymatic method using starch-containing grains, potatoes, etc. as raw materials, such as maltose, glucose, fructose syrup, etc. All along, in my country’s sugar market, sucrose has always occupied a major position, and starch sugar, as an important supplementary sugar, has a market position second only to sucrose. In recent years, with the continuous and rapid development of my country’s economy, the continuous improvement of residents’ living and consumption levels, the country’s vigorous support and promotion of the starch sugar industry, and the gradual improvement of public awareness and recognition, all of which have contributed to the domestic starch sugar market. Development provides good conditions.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, the upstream raw materials of starch sugar are mainly starch-containing grains and potatoes. As a large agricultural country, the planting and production of starch-containing grains and potatoes has always been at a high level, which provides sufficient supply for the starch sugar market. raw material resources; and downstream, as an important green basic raw material, starch sugar can be further processed into various products such as modified starch, sugar alcohol, alcohol, amino acid, organic acid, antibiotics, etc. , fermentation, chemical industry and materials and other fields have huge room for growth in application demand.