Processed Corn Starch:
The corn starch processing process is mainly divided into cleaning, soaking, coarse crushing, germ separation, corn grinding, starch screening, centrifugal separation and drying. In order to ensure safe production and product quality, the impurities in corn must be cleaned. Cleaning equipment includes vibrating screens, specific gravity stone removers, permanent magnet drums, and wheat washing machines. The corn soaking method generally uses a few or dozens of metal tanks connected by pipelines, and a water pump makes the soaking water circulate between the tanks and soak in countercurrent. After the corn is soaked, the water content should reach more than 40%. The purpose of coarse crushing is mainly to break the soaked corn into small pieces of more than 10 pieces in order to separate the germ. Coarse crushing can be carried out twice.
In order to extract the starch, milling must be performed, which breaks down the corn cells, frees the starch granules, and separates the fibers from the bran. The quality of the grinding operation has a great influence on the extraction of starch. If the grinding is too coarse, the starch cannot be fully dissociated. If it is too thin, the fiber separation is not good, which will affect the quality of starch. For efficient corn grinding, secondary grinding is often employed. Corundum grinding is better than stone grinding, with high hardness, and the grinding pattern is not easy to wear, the grinding surface does not need frequent maintenance, and the grinding efficiency is also high. Starch sieving: After the corn pieces are ground, the corn paste can be obtained, and the starch and the coarse and fine slag can be separated by sieving. Centrifugal separation and drying: the starch milk from the hydrocyclone contains 78% water.

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