The Martin method, also called the dough method, is used to prepare wheat starch. The process of preparing wheat starch includes the following steps: grinding, sieving, soaking, stirring, settling, washing, drying and crushing of wheat.
Grind the wheat into powder. The wheat powder is then sieved through a screen to remove impurities and larger particles of wheat powder.
Next, add the sieved wheat powder to an appropriate amount of water for soaking. The soaking time is generally 12-24 hours to allow the wheat powder to fully absorb water and swell.
Then, the soaked wheat powder is stirred so that the wheat powder and water are fully mixed. The mixing time is generally 30-60 minutes to ensure uniform mixing.
Next, the stirred wheat powder is left for a period of time to allow it to settle. The precipitation time is generally 2-4 hours to allow the wheat powder to settle to the bottom.
Then, the precipitated wheat starch is separated from the upper liquid. Separation can be done by pouring the liquid or using a centrifuge.
Next, the separated wheat starch is washed. The purpose of washing is to remove impurities and residual liquid from starch. You can wash it with clean water several times until the washing liquid becomes clear.
Then, the washed wheat starch is dried. The drying method can be natural drying or heat drying. The drying temperature is generally controlled at 40-60 degrees Celsius to avoid damaging the starch structure.
The dried wheat starch is pulverized to obtain the required wheat starch powder. The purpose of crushing is to make the wheat starch particles fine and uniform and improve its solubility and stability.
The principle of preparing wheat starch by Martin method is to utilize the characteristics of wheat starch in water. Wheat starch is a polysaccharide compound composed of starch granules. Starch granules have certain swelling properties in water and can absorb water and swell to form a colloidal solution. Utilizing the swelling property of wheat starch, wheat starch can be fully mixed with water, and through steps such as precipitation, washing and drying, pure wheat starch can finally be obtained.Raw materials – gluten washing – slurry separation – sand removal – dejuicing – refining – dehydration – drying – packaging – storage.This process is a complete set of manual operation system, which is a commonly used and advanced complete set of wheat starch equipment in China. At the same time, our company also provide customers with an automatic control system. huatai supply different kinds starch processing, any need please email to [email protected]