Preparation process of modified starch
Modified starch is an organic compound, which is usually a mixture of dextrin, starch and polyoxyethylene alcohol. Its main function is to make food smoother, more elastic, and to increase the taste of food. In recent years, modified starch has been widely used in a variety of foods, including bread, cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, noodles, pies, and potato chips.
The preparation process of modified starch is generally divided into two steps: first, the raw materials are modified, and then the modified raw materials are made into starch. During the denaturation process, some organic substances are added to reintegrate the molecules of the raw materials to form some new molecules. These new molecules will change the shape of the raw material, thereby greatly enhancing the fluidity and elasticity of the raw material. When the modified raw materials are made into starch, the purpose is achieved by freeze-drying the raw materials.

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