Pregelatinized starch machine Pregelatinized starch equipment Cassava potato flour corn starch pregelatinized equipment
Puffing of puffed starch is a processing technology that allows starch raw materials to expand suddenly by decompressing them under heating and pressure. A process in which starch-containing materials are heated and pressurized, and then external forces and heat sources are suddenly removed, causing them to expand rapidly.
Pregelatinized starch, also known as gelatinized starch, the so-called gelatinization refers to the swelling and splitting of starch in water at a certain temperature to form a uniform pasty solution. This is called gelatinization. The essence of gelatinization is in the starch granules. The hydrogen bonds between the ordered and disordered (crystalline and amorphous) starch molecules are broken and dispersed in water to form a colloidal solution. Gelatinized starch is also called α-starch or alpha starch.
This production line has the characteristics of high degree of automation, strong stability, simple operation, high output, short process time, etc., and has effectively improved various shortcomings in the original tradition. It is widely used in various baby rice flour, sesame paste and walnut paste products. It is a new and efficient nutritional rice flour production line.

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