Due to the increasing demand for starch in the international market and the increasing consumption, the total demand for potato starch is increasing year by year, while the planting area of ​​potatoes in agriculture is decreasing year by year, which has severely restricted processing enterprises. Taking the United States and the European Union as the key areas for potato starch production in the world, although the government has adopted incentive policies such as subsidies for the potato planting industry, it still cannot change the status quo of the shortage of raw materials in the potato processing industry. Potato production in the United States is basically stagnant, while in the 15 EU countries it is in continuous decline. Therefore, the gap of this product is increasing day by day.

Potato starch is an important raw material for the food industry, and the market is still in rigid demand, which is more than 700,000 tons per year. With the advancement of the national strategy of making potato a staple food, the market demand for potato starch will continue to be active, and the sales price will continue to be stable, which can promote the healthy development of the industry.

In recent years, the production and application of potato modified starch has developed rapidly in the world. There are many types of potato modified starch and starch derivatives, and their uses are more extensive; and the technological content and added value of modified starch are several times higher than those of potato starch, which will be the future industry. development focus. Compared with foreign applications, potato starch still has huge development potential in medicine, construction, oil exploration, etc. in the future.