Potato starch properties
Potatoes contain about 17% starch. The gelatinization temperature of starch is 58-65℃, the viscosity can reach 2000BU, and the amylopectin content is about 80%. Compared with other varieties of starch, the excellent quality and unique properties of potato starch are mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, potato starch has the highest viscosity and can be used as a thickener, and the degree of polymerization of potato starch molecules is high (approximately 3 000), large particles, so it has high expansion and excellent water retention properties, and is suitable for puffed food, meat products, instant noodles and other products. Secondly, potato starch has low protein and fat residues, high phosphorus content, white color, natural phosphorescence, and high solution transparency, so it can improve the color and appearance of the product. Third, potato starch has a particularly mild taste without the typical cereal flavor of corn or wheat starch, making it usable even in flavor-sensitive products.

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