Potato starch production line

Cleaning section: This section is mainly equipped with equipment: primary cleaning machine, stone removal machine, primary cleaning machine, and secondary cleaning machine. After the raw materials are processed separately, the cleaned sweet potatoes meet the requirements for entering the next section. The biggest features of this section are: good continuous workability, large processing capacity, and low power consumption.
Screening section: This section is mainly equipped with equipment: speed-adjustable feeder, file grinder, centrifugal screen, etc. The delivered sweet potatoes are crushed in this section and the slurry is separated. Its characteristics are: good grinding fineness and remarkable slurry separation effect.
Dejuice, refining and dehydration section: The main equipment in this section are: rotating filter, five-stage dejuice cyclone, seven-stage cyclone, 12-stage (more stages) refining cyclone and vacuum dehydrator composition. They mainly remove juice, wash starch, and remove wet starch from slurry. This section is the section with the highest technological content in the entire production line, so it is also the key to determining the quality of starch.
Drying section: The entire drying system is composed of feeder, lifter, induced draft fan, etc. The drying process adopts the principle of negative pressure. The wet starch is mixed with hot air and enters the air duct. After reaching the drying requirements, it enters the cyclone separator and is then packaged and stored in the warehouse.

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