Potato starch production equipment:
Processing capacity: raw materials (wood, Malingpu, red dot, etc., processing capacity: 2-4T/-.8-101/-25-20T/-130-40T/H140-60T/H -10T. 20T 30T- 40T. 50T. LOOT. 15OT. 200-40oT The main equipments include: flat-section material delivery machine, filling machine, mouth-shaped washing machine, high-efficiency large-scale broken machine washing deep end. Pressure curved decoration , Cyclone, Scraper requires careful airflow coal drying machine, packaging machine, the most controlled, coal-fired < fuel oil, hot air stove. Three process characteristics: Based on the development of China’s starch industry, after ten years of production, open table research , absorbing international advanced processing technology, constantly breaking through and innovating, the matching of technology and equipment technology has reached international standards.
Its advanced features mainly include
1. Equipment, technology, and matching are perfect and reasonable: after years of development, in terms of production of wooden number, horse antelope, and red road starch – there are different equipment seasons, which have both commonality and different performance, and can meet different needs. , It can realize the production of home-grown products on one line, and the matching and setting up of the street must be reasonably matched with the process technology to achieve the effects of low energy consumption, production efficiency, low cost, and low investment.

  1. Crack the screening technology. A crushing system used in the South is a kind of wet-out equipment with a small decoration net area and a low material passing rate after crushing, which results in increased crushing energy consumption. The net area is large, the passing rate of the crushed material is extremely high, and the energy consumption is low, and it is not easy to cause the unpassed material to be piled up for a long time to make the starch gelatinized. For heart shop, the separation efficiency reaches 65%. Compared with vertical heart sieve and other joint separation effects, the water content of the last level of wine in Shuicheng 4 is only 85-90%, and the peak is low in the middle of Yunnan.
  2. Flow grading technology: the current Xuanji technology has been developed, and it is said to be far away from the fans in Zhang that it is a breakthrough in technology, but it also has limitations and deficiencies. The high energy consumption cannot guarantee the loss of sweat and starch in the overflow; this Two aspects are fatal to the general industry – the increase of energy consumption, the reduction of starch yield – and this has just increased the cost of the product. After years of production and research summary – innovation of flow classification technology, reduction of flow series) to reduce energy consumption, without reducing the quality of starch, the product yield has been improved, the extraction rate from powder is 92-95%, the quality Optional to Premium.
  3. Dehydration technology: Huaxin One Starch Dehydration: The dehydration effect is good or bad – the energy consumption is reduced, and the water-energy consumption of one sub-point is reduced to be doubled, and the reduction of water has an impact on the drying quality of starch Good light, this technology has low energy consumption for wood dehydration.
  4. High thermal efficiency of drying: the company has a history of 20 years of producing Kaiyuan powder drying equipment. In this technology, it can dry starch dry coal at a low temperature and quickly, with low energy consumption and good starch quality – no surface layer gelatinization
  5. Professional and experienced in engineering,
    The combination of process technology, civil engineering design for factory construction, equipment trial production, training in the factory, the use of equipment in the factory, and the experience of the factory in the field are very important. Factory construction experience, house design and production technology, industry technology, on-site referee technology, on-site production experience, professional service team.