The level of investment in potato starch production equipment is related to equipment throughput, technology, configuration, materials, etc.
The greater the throughput, the larger the equipment, the more manufacturing materials required, and the investment cost will naturally be higher.
The more automated the process, the higher the investment in potato starch equipment. Like the semi-automatic process, the production process is carried out manually, and part of the processing environment requires manual processing; think of the mechanized design adopted by the fully automatic process equipment, from raw material cleaning to starch bagging, all are carried out by CNC computer control equipment. Although the investment capital is relatively high, the later cost recovery is quick and the economic benefits are high.
The better the configuration, the higher the price of the equipment. As we all know, high-mixing is better than low-mixing. The better the configuration, the stronger the ability to process raw materials, the quality and output of finished starch will be improved, and the price will be slightly higher.
Material. Potato starch equipment is mainly made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The price of carbon steel is slightly lower than that of stainless steel. However, potato starch equipment made of carbon steel will be corroded if it runs for a long time, which will have an impact on later operation and starch quality. Stainless steel equipment can avoid this situation and is cost-effective.
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