Potato starch is an important food additive and industrial raw material, widely used in food, textile, papermaking, medicine and other fields. This article will introduce the production process of potato starch, including key steps such as raw material preparation, crushing and pulp extraction, soaking and decolorization, filtration and washing, dehydration and drying. 2. Raw material preparation Potatoes are the main raw material for producing potato starch. Fresh, disease-free and insect-free potatoes should be selected for processing. First, the potatoes are washed and peeled to remove impurities and inedible parts. The potatoes are then cut into small pieces or slices for subsequent processing steps. 3. Crushing and pulp extraction: Put the cut potato pieces into a crusher and crush them into fine particles. Then add the crushed potatoes to the pulp extractor, add water and stir to form a pulp. The purpose of pulping is to release starch granules from potato cells. 4. Soak and decolorize. Put the extracted potato pulp into a large container, add an appropriate amount of water for soaking. The soaking time is generally 12-24 hours to separate the starch granules from other impurities. During the soaking process, starch granules will settle at the bottom of the container, while impurities will be suspended in the upper layer. In order to further remove impurities and pigments on starch granules, decolorization can be performed. A common method is to add activated carbon or bleach to potato pulp and stir it to absorb and remove impurities and pigments. 5. Filtration and washing: The potato pulp after soaking and decolorization needs to be filtered and washed to further remove impurities and residues. The potato pulp is first passed through a pressure screen to separate larger particles and fibers. The separated liquid is then filtered and washed through a filter or centrifuge to remove fine particles and dissolved impurities.

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