Equipment required in the potato starch manufacturing process:
Potato dry screen-U-shaped cleaning machine-potato crusher-pulverizer-centrifugal screen-desander-cyclone-vacuum dehydrator-starch dryer-packaging machine
The production process of potato starch is basically the same as that of sweet potato starch. The following is the specific process:
Wash potatoes
The cleaning process requires the use of two equipments, a dry screen and a U-shaped cleaning machine. To remove sand from the potato surface, stain the skin. Washing is the basis for obtaining clean potato starch.
broken and shattered
During the processing of potato starch, in order to better separate potato starch particles and fibers, we are equipped with a potato crushing machine to first break the potatoes into small pieces, and then use a crusher to crush the potato small pieces to achieve the effect of starch separation.
Potato starch making process
The starch slurry enters the centrifugal screen. Through centrifugal force and gravity, small starch granules and proteins are separated from the screen, while the potato starch granules are discharged from the slag pump. Then the potato starch slurry enters the desander, the sand is collected into the container of the desander, and then the potato starch slurry enters the cyclone group. The cyclone is a potato starch processing equipment with functions such as washing, separation, and concentration. After the potato starch slurry goes through this process, it turns white.

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