The Introduction of Potato Starch Machine| Machinery Turnkey Solution
1.Itis a physical separation process which makes the starch separated from the cellulose, protein, inorganic salt and other material in fresh cassava tubers.
2.After crushing fresh cassava into mash materials, we add water in the mash and use a filter to remove the residue, and then we get starch milk with protein, a little tiny cellulose, and other impurities in it.
3.Because of starch is not soluble in cold water and has different specific gravity with water, specially designed machinery equipments can be used for separating starch from starch milk, and finally achieving the purpose of collecting starch.
Potato Collection–Washing–Peeling–General Crushing–Fine Crushing–Separating Residue and Starch Slurry–Starch Slurry Refining–Dewatering–Drying–Screening–Packing.

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