Potato starch is obtained by pulverizing cleaned potatoes, filtering, precipitating, and drying the resulting precipitate.
In confectionery, potato starch is used as a filler and icing. Adding potato starch to candy ingredients can increase the volume of the candy, improve the taste and chewiness of the product, increase elasticity and fineness, and can effectively prevent the deformation and discoloration of the candy body and extend the shelf life of the product; potato starch has good Its transparency and strong water-holding effect are used in gelatin candies. Under certain conditions, it can combine well with gelatin to form a gel that is tough but not hard, slippery but not sticky, and has good taste and elasticity. Can significantly reduce costs.
Potato starch is added to dough to make noodles, allowing results to be drawn about the processing characteristics of the noodles. Replace wheat flour with 5% potato starch, 10% potato starch, 15% potato starch, 20% potato starch and 25% potato starch respectively. Mix different proportions of potato starch with corresponding amounts of wheat flour. Conduct a series of gradient experiments, repeat the experiments multiple times, and compare them with the control group to draw relevant experimental conclusions. Adding potato starch to the dough will increase the dough’s tendon toughness, elasticity, significantly increase water absorption, and reduce the oil content of the dough. The noodles produced will have a delicate and smooth texture and are more popular among men, women, and children.
Likewise, potato starch is indispensable in the production of meat products. Since potato starch has a very high transparency after gelatinization, it can prevent meat products from discoloration, thus reducing the use of other additives and maintaining the fresh and tender color of meat for a long time. Potato starch can also lock moisture in food, prevent loss and spoilage of food, and also make the structure of food look better. In the process of making some sausage products, potato starch is used to replace corn starch, which will reduce the amount of starch, reduce cost input, and make the meat taste smoother and more delicate. This production process not only adds to the innovation of food model, also makes the product more advanced. This is because starch has a certain water absorption capacity, and its water absorption capacity changes accordingly with changes in temperature, and a gelatinization reaction occurs. It can be seen that the amount of starch used in food plays an important role.

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