New sweet potato starch processing equipment – directly output dry starch
Sweet potato flour machine
There are various domestic sweet potato starch processing equipments, which are mainly divided into the following seven steps according to the processing sequence:
1. Squirrel cage type sweet potato cleaning and feeding machine, rolling cage for mud removal and cleaning + spiral feeding for secondary cleaning.
2. Sweet potato crushing and separation equipment, thorn tube crushing + slurry separation.
3. Sweet potato starch filtering machines are divided into vertical two-luo machines and horizontal two-luo machines according to different occupied areas.
4. Sweet potato starch desand remover uses the cyclonic flow principle to remove sediment from starch.
5. Sweet potato dregs conveying elevator, the potato dregs go directly onto the truck.
6. Sweet potato starch concentration and oil powder removal machine can remove waste water and oil powder, making the starch purer.
7. Sweet potato starch vacuum dehydration machine, dry powder output equipment. Use a vacuum pump to remove most of the moisture in the starch. The moisture content of the dry powder is about 30%. It can be bagged directly after drying, or the vermicelli can be processed directly.
This sweet potato starch processing machine does not change the starch composition, has low cost, and is suitable for farms and contract processing.

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