Henan Huatai has developed hundreds of modified starches with corn, potato, cassava, wheat and other varieties of starches as raw materials, and on this basis has developed a variety of new compound modified starches, and provided the design and commissioning services of modified starch production line matching with the above modified starches. The above production processes and expansion equipment have been applied to dozens of modified starch plants, which has changed the level of modified starch industry and the development of related application industries, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Modified starch is a kind of starch that has changed its properties after being processed by physical, chemical and biological methods. It is the “monosodium glutamate” of industry.  expanded modified starch production equipment provided is mature and stable,and can meet the application requirements of different industries. The modified starch production line designed has strong adaptability and can meet the production needs of multiple varieties. The product quality is stable and excellent, and has strong market competitiveness.

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