As a multifunctional assistant, modified starch is increasingly entering people’s lives. It plays an important role not only in the food industry but also in the industrial sector. This article will delve into the uses of modified starch.
In the food industry, modified starch is widely used in various processed foods. By adding modified starch, the quality and taste of food can be improved, making it more fragrant and delicious. For example, using modified starch in baked goods can increase the volume and elasticity of the product, making it more fluffy and delicious; in candy making, modified starch can play a thickening and binding role, making the candy softer and less sticky. In addition, modified starch can add stability to dairy products, prevent dehydration and separation, and extend the shelf life of the product. It can be said that modified starch brings more delicious and novel food options to our tables.
In addition to the food field, modified starch also plays an important role in industrial production. On the one hand, it is widely used in coating agents, rosin gum and other products in the paper industry, giving it better coating and adhesion properties. On the other hand, modified starch is used as a slurry thickener in the textile industry to improve the softness and gloss of textiles. In addition, modified starch is also used in many fields such as pharmaceuticals, papermaking and building materials, playing an indispensable role.
In order to meet the requirements of different fields, modified starch is constantly improving and innovating. At present, a variety of improved modified starches have appeared, such as acidic modified starch, high-temperature modified starch, etc. These improved modified starches have better stability and adaptability and can better meet the needs of different industries.
Modified starch has broad application prospects, but it also faces some challenges. One of them is how to use modified starch rationally to prevent abuse and waste of resources. When using modified starch, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant requirements and regulations and carry out effective recycling.

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