Manufacturing of tapioca starch
The production process of cassava starch is basically the same as that of sweet potato starch. The main processes are as follows.
To make starch from cassava, the first step is to wash, remove the sediment and impurities attached to the roots, and then peel off the outer skin of the roots and preferably the inner skin. The inner bark of cassava roots is about 2-3 mm thick, and most of the cyanide contained in cassava is found in the cortex. Therefore, peeling can remove cyanide, prevent starch from coloring, and ensure starch quality.
After the cassava is peeled, it can be fed to a saw-toothed roller grinder or hammer grinder for grinding. In order to fully grind the cassava roots, they can undergo a second grinding process. During the grinding process, water is continuously added, a centrifugal sieve or a flat shaking sieve is introduced to separate the residue, and a launder is used to separate proteins and water-soluble impurities to obtain crude starch. In order to better remove various impurities and improve the purity of starch, 0.3% calcium hydroxide solution is added to the starch milk after launder treatment and washed, or various acids, salts and other chemicals are added to the crude starch. , in order to obtain refined starch.

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