To make potato starch machine, briefly talk about the related machines and functions of potato (sweet potato, potato, cassava) to produce starch, first of all, washing machine, crusher, centrifugal sieve, desander, cyclone, dehydrator, these machines The functions are cleaning, crushing, refining and dehydration in sequence.
5 jin of fresh sweet potatoes yield 1 jin of dry powder.
The starch content of sweet potatoes generally ranges from 20% to 28%, and some are higher or lower, so the powder yield of processed starch is quite different, but generally speaking, the powder yield of sweet potato starch is between 12% and 15%. Therefore, 5 catties of fresh sweet potatoes can produce about 1 catty of dry powder.
The fresh potato starch machine is a kind of potato flour milling equipment which is suitable for farmers’ scattered processing and use and has a small investment. It has excellent performance, reasonable and compact structure, reliable use, high production efficiency, and economical production. It saves labor and time, and can complete the three processes of coarse crushing, fine grinding, and automatic filtration and separation of sweet potatoes at one time. There is no lump, peel, high starch extraction rate, and good color. It is suitable for processing potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, and dried sweet potatoes. Potatoes; various tubers such as banana root, kudzu root, lily, yam, etc. It is an ideal equipment for starch processing enterprises, vermicelli vermicelli processing enterprises, farmers, etc. to process sweet potato, potato and other potato starch.
Modern sweet potato starch processing equipment has a large processing capacity, with an output ranging from 2-30 tons per hour according to specifications and models. Huatai Starch Equipment Factory can customize equipment according to customer conditions, and can also provide services such as plant planning and renovation, production line layout, etc. any need please email to [email protected]