Main problems and solutions in corn starch factories
1. Pollution: During the production process of corn starch, it is susceptible to pollution caused by air, water, environment and other factors. Solution: Adopt reasonable control measures, keep the environment clean, and strengthen quality management.
2. Energy consumption: The process of refining and separation is the most energy-consuming link in corn starch manufacturing. Solution: Improve equipment, processes, and reduce energy consumption.
3. Wastewater and waste residue treatment: Wastewater and waste residue will be produced during the production of corn starch, which will have a certain impact on the environment. Solution: Use modern technology to treat wastewater and waste residue to meet environmental protection standards.
Corn starch is an important food raw material and industrial raw material. Its production principle and technological process are complex and require multiple processes to complete. During the manufacturing process, special attention needs to be paid to solving problems such as pollution, energy consumption, and environmental protection to ensure product quality and the ecological environment.

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