1 Feeding machine Lifting material Put starch and water into the feeding tank according to a certain proportion
2 Mixer Stirring Fully mix the starch and water in the feeding tank to make the required starch.
3 Feeding machine Lifting the starch into the storage tank
4 Expansion silo Storing material Store starch and wait for expansion
5 Extruder Expansion The starch is pushed into the screw extruder at a uniform speed by the feeder to be extruded and extruded to produce starch flakes
6 Air blower Air blows the starch flakes into the cooling chamber for cooling
7 Cooling silo Cooling Store starch flakes to cool
8 Pulverizer + superfine pulverizer Pulverize the starch flakes through the pulverizer to produce powdery starch
9 Dust collector Dust collection Collect the fine dust generated by the pulverizer
10 Packing warehouse Packing according to the required weight.

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